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The Vauxhall Viva Owners Club, here to promote, maintain and continue the survival of the Vauxhall Viva, old or new, standard or custom, mint or poor, all are welcome.

HA model overview:
HA trim options:
HA chassis code:
HA general option codes:

Various options are available with the production of the vehicles. While these options are usually recognised by certain features and described as such, on occasions a Production Option Code may be invisible. To assist users the main codes applicable are detailed in the table below. Also see an example of a chassis plates with option codes.

As can be seen from the example picture above, this vehicle contains the following option codes:

147 = High-compression ratio cylinder head (HAE/V,0/70)

395 = Water temperature gauge.

523 = Passenger seat (HAE/V,0/70)

8 “Double Plus” varient of 1/70
10 Delete Spare
37 Four-bladed fan for tropical climates
54 E.C.E. compliance label ( mnadatory)
70 Car heater.
73 Straight dip (Continental) headlamp.
88 Economy Engine
97 Special Post Office Division
147 High-compression ratio cylinder head (HAE/V,0/70)
154 Deletion of Heater
164 Low-compression ratio cylinder head. (HAS/D/H)
210 Laminated windscreen.
248 Larger capacity battery.
260 Webber carburetter
274 Disc brakes (Mandatory on HA21).
320 Rubber mats (HAD/H). (Mandatory for France)
336 Safety catch for front seats. (now Std.fitting on 0/70)
346 High capacity heater (export)
357 Heavy duty suspension
359 Steering column lock.
384 Straight exit tail pipe.
390 Vehicle noise reduction.
395 Water temperature gauge.
396 Heavy duty wheel.
397 Heavy duty rear axle (Code 357 Mandatory with this code)
400 Heavy duty alternator
431 Air cleaner for low temperature climates
435 Positive crankcase ventilation
489 Seat Belts (Export only)
523 Passenger seat (HAE/V,0/70)
547 Hazzard flashers
550 Special Post Office Telecommunications vehicles
567 Interior mirror
584 Inertia seat belt, Driver only
636 European exhaust emission
698 Inertia seat belts
761 Door Mounted Mirrors