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The Vauxhall Viva Owners Club, here to promote, maintain and continue the survival of the Vauxhall Viva, old or new, standard or custom, mint or poor, all are welcome.

HB model overview:
HB trim options:
HB chassis code:
HB general option codes:

Various options were available with the production of the vehicles. While these options are usually recognised by certain features and described as such, on occasions a Production Option Code may be quoted and to assist users of this list the main codes applicable are detailed below.

code Option
37 Four-bladed fan for tropical climates
41 Heavy Duty air cleaner
70 Car Heater
82 Increased engine cooling for use with Automatic transmission
164 Low compression ratio cylinder head
186 Special equipment for G.M. Canada (Vauxhall Viva)
190 Special equipment for G.M. Canada (Envoy Epic)
191 Special equipment for Hawaii
192 Special equipment for Sweden
198 Special equipment for U.S.A.
210 Laminated windscreen
230 Engine maximum coolant
248 Larger capacity battery
274 Disc Brakes
276 8/33 axle ratio (Mandatory with Codes 305 488
and 460)
305 Automatic transmission (Borg-Warner)
320 Rubber mats.
330 Unified European Headlamps-France only
346 High capacity car heater (Export only)
352 Cigarette lighter
357 Heavy Duty suspension and rear axle
359 Steering column lock
367 Rear quarter ventilator
393 Reverse Lamps
395 Electric thermometer gauge
400 Alternator equipment (Std. for Canada & 7/11) (1967-1969)
400 Heavy duty alternator equipment(1970)
421 Clear front flashers-Italy only
430 Heated Rear Window (alternator is Mandatory)
431 Air cleaner for low temperature climate
445 Rear quarter armrest
449 Oversize tyres and wheels-black wall
459 Oversize tyres and wheels-white wall
460 High performance engine (HB23)
462 Increased diameter tyres and wheels-black wall
463 Increased diameter tyres and wheels-white wall
469 Paper element air cleaner and positive crankcase ventilation
474 97.5 O.H.C. 4 cyl. engine
481 Heavy Duty suspension and axle(l.3.5/11.69 with 8/33 ratio rear axle)
482 Heavy duty suspension and axle(l.3.5/11.69 with 9/35 ratio rear axle)
488 Low temperature starting
489 Seat Belts (Export only)
494 Tandem main brake cylinder
495 Tandem main brake cylinder and disc brakes
497 Front wings mudflaps (Export only)
501 G.M. Automatic transmission
502 No draught ventilation
507 Exterior roof cover (5/11.69 only)
546 2-speed Windscreen wipers
547 Hazard Warning lamps
555 Special Equipment for Japan
571 Exhaust Emission
602 Envoy Epic(RHD)for Trinidad and CKD
714 Special Equipment for Japan