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The Vauxhall Viva Owners Club, here to promote, maintain and continue the survival of the Vauxhall Viva, old or new, standard or custom, mint or poor, all are welcome.

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The club was formed in 1982 by Adrian Miller, Norwich, the club was at first called the “Viva HB owners club and GT register”.

In 1985 the club accepted HA and HC owners as associate members only, and at the same time dropped the GT register part of the club name, so becoming the “Viva HB owners club”. By this time the club membership had grown to nearly 100.

In 1987 the Club changed its name again to its present name “The Vauxhall Viva Owners Club” and accepted full memberships from all Vauxhall viva owners, be they HA, HB, HC or other models.

The club has continued to grow and by the mid 1990’s had over 1000 members, the dwindling number of Vivas left on the road and the growth of other Vauxhall related classic car club has seen the club settle down to around 350 members.

2006 saw Arian Millar step back from running the club as he wanted to explore other ventures in life, an AGM was called and a new committee was formed from club members. Since that 2006 AGM the club has been run by a committee of volunteers, who have given their time and help to maintain the club. 2018 will see the club reach 35 years of age.

Not only will the club celebrate its 35th year but its also its 20th year online in 2018. The club is one of the largest deposits of viva information but its also one of the oldest. This website is the work of many people not just the committee.

So what has happened in those 35 years apart from cars and owners getting older? Well a lot of experience has been gained and passed on, parts have been found and used, and the history of the car is being documented. Feel free to wander around the site and see that the history of the Vauxhall Viva and this club is in safe hands.

…..We like to think that the club is as much about the members as it is about the cars. Each of us has a reason for joining, be it the need for parts, or perhaps just receiving and being able to enjoy a club magazine appeals…..

…..For some, going to events and the social atmosphere of the club is what attracts. To kick back with friends and simply have a laugh at a car event. Or to be able to take the wife and kids along to one of the clubs ever increasing family friendly events could be for you. Over the last couple of years, we have tried to make our events more family orientated, with more than just the cars to look at and enjoy…..