So you found a Brabham Viva but its not your colour and its a bit sad, is it about to be crushed. Help save it by posting here!


Postby Pork Pie » Wed Sep 20, 2006 7:02 pm

I`ve been offered a viva by my local scrap yard, i`ve built up a great friendship with their delivery guy over many years and he always lets me know if a viva comes in, so if anyone is interested let me know its a hc gls 2 door. They charge me around the £70 mark to deliver (23 miles from my house) and they are wanting £100 for the car. Its been picked up with the grabber. Been in storage and needs a fair amount of work but is complete, so he says. i only get 24hrs grace, so speak up asap!

There was also one in my local paper, last week, in the £100 and under section. I`ve not rang it up but i can forward the number on to anyone interested as it doesnt give any details. I may ring it later and see what its all about and pass the details on to anyone interested,
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