Been told of one in my local

So you found a Brabham Viva but its not your colour and its a bit sad, is it about to be crushed. Help save it by posting here!

Been told of one in my local

Postby psl » Sun Jan 28, 2007 1:15 pm

I`ve had a phone call and there`s a viva hc viva in my local scrapyard. I can get this car delivered to mine for the nominal fee of £50 plus the £90 they charge me for the car, if it makes life easier for anyone. Its been picked up by the grabber, so roofs a bit bent. If you want to fetch the car in for yourself they charge £175 per car if old, like the viva. But as i`ve been buying scrap viva`s off them, they see me right on the price.
All i know its a 4 door, in red and it must be a deluxe or L as the door trim is not the full SL type.
For more info just yell
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