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Electronic ignition

Postby vivapete3 » Sat Oct 14, 2017 10:40 pm

Need advice re my Accuspark electronic ignition, having fitted the unit to my 1256 HC 1971 model,initially it ran ok then because it was "pinking" badly my local garage set it up and cured the pinking. Having got the car back did not run it for a week , then tried to start it and would not fire at all, so retarded the distributer a little to try and get it running (as I knew the garage had retarded the ignition to stop the pinking) so the engine fired eventually and ticked over if a little roughly, so set up the timing with my strobe to 4 1/2 before top dead centre as per manual, car ran well really smooth, so next day tried to start it same problem not firing, so retarded the ignition a little and it eventually started, again a little roughly, this time I left the ignition retarded, and the car starts ok if a little uneven, checked the timing with the strobe and the marker on the pulley was at least an inch and a quarter below the 9 degree's before top dead centre! and engine was running reasonably OK, does anyone have a view on why it should run when the timing is way out, and yet when it is set up between the 2 markers 4 1/2 BTDC it won't even fire at all,I've read that moving the in-loom ballast( in the fuse box) wire to allow the Accuspark system to work my reduce cold starting performance, as I've replaced the original coil with a green ballasted Accuspark coil, the car has done 90,000 miles so I'm wondering if the distributed is worn, any advice would be good, vivapete3
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