Polybush verses rubber bush experience.

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Polybush verses rubber bush experience.

Postby Mike Attew » Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:05 pm

First I have new springs and shocks front and back.
The car also sat lower on the drivers side which I put down to worn or tired bushes. I used the Aussie Polybush kit. I have already Polybushed my Moggy which improved the ride.

Strangely after completing fitting the Polybushes the car still sits lower on the drivers side? Any ideas?
The ride on the poor Norfolk roads was much improved, not so harsh which I am very happy with. It made the ride more pleasant.
The down side is it transmitted more tyre noise into the cabin which surprised me, especially on the stone chip parts and slower speeds but for the improved comfort I can put up with that. I also don't have door cards on at present which will knock some more noise out.
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