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Unable to start my HC Viva

PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:48 am
by vivapete3
Help any Viva experts out there, fuel leaked from the jet adjuster located at the base of the float chamber on my150 Stromberg carb,having removed the adjuster to fit an o ring the fuel leak was sorted, however as I had to remove the adjuster and disturb the setting , having refitted the adjuster and got it to similar position as I remembered, the car has since refused to start, has anyone had similar problems? the was car was running ok prior this problem, anyone help with this? the car has electronic ignition and this was working well before this problem, all advice gratefully received
, cheers Pete A.

Re: Unable to start my HC Viva

PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 8:18 am
by lord13
You may have to 'prime ' the float chamber, it sometimes takes a while for this to re-fill. Also if the pipe to the carb has emptied, that has to fill as well and cranking the starter may not spin up the pump fast enough to fill either with fuel. Squirt a bit of fuel down the carb throat ( I normally run a cap full down a funnel into it) this will get the engine to fire and cause the pump to pull fuel quicker than just cranking the engine.
As for initial adjustment, usually it's a case of winding the jet assembly in till it just lifts the piston, then wind out again three and a half turns, it shouldn't need much more than half a turn either way after that. check your manual though, some of them say 'two and a half turns', I think it depends on the carb, but i've always done three and a half turns and not had any trouble...well... no more than usual viva fuel troubles :D

Re: Unable to start my HC Viva

PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 2:56 am
by vivapete3
Thanks “Mr Lord 13”! I’ll try your advice your information sounds right as the car sounds it’s starved of fuel, cheers, Pete.