Viva HC Zenith 301z. Cutting out

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Viva HC Zenith 301z. Cutting out

Postby Viva Man » Wed Jun 19, 2019 7:56 pm


History - I have a 1972 HC, the car was cutting out when the foot the acelorator depressed during driving. So i had to use the choke to get me home it seem to have the power when the choke was out.
Now when i got home the fuel shaft in the carb had broken. This could have been happening for some time.
I rebuilt the carb with new gaskets and springs etc. New shaft and butterfly went in and put all together. Cleaned out the fuel tank s there was sandy type deposits. Cleaned pump.
When started it was running rough. I adjust the air screw and it run a lot better. But noticed when driving it still did not have the power when accelerator was depressed and again it was trying to cut out had to regulate the fuel and possibly the air with the choke. I'm now at a loss. is the fuel pump starving the carb?. Am I going crazy? Any help or ideas would be gratefully appreciated.
Sorry for the long explanation.

Many thanks
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Re: Viva HC Zenith 301z. Cutting out

Postby lord13 » Thu Jun 20, 2019 8:19 am

I had this similar problem with one of mine, the car just didn't run properly when it warmed up, it would only run with the choke out. I tried many many things, different carb, rebuilt carb, I even swapped to a stromberg to see if that would sort it, it kinda did, but with a different set of problems. Pretty much boiled ( ahem) down to the problem that the engine was wildly cooking up, it had been chucking its water out the overflow, without me noticing ( I just thought I had a leaky rad), and pretty much vapourising the fuel in the carb (possibly). My temp gauge indicated 'normal' as it should, but i'm guessing this was down to having not much water running past the sender( I dunno , I'm guessing) ...Anyway , the stromberg sorted out my fuelling, but not the overheating, I just put up with that until I swapped it for a Magnum....which had it's own set of niggly problems, so I sold that for my sins, and have suffered with regretting it ever since...oh well...hope you get it sorted out :)
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Re: Viva HC Zenith 301z. Cutting out

Postby hbr341 » Thu Jun 20, 2019 7:19 pm

I had lots of problems with mine 301z on my 1972 HC fitted a Stromberg runs like a dream and more power.

Regards Chris.
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