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50 years young

PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:21 am
by GAV
I have owned my Viva HB 6 years now and am doing a good few events in it.
One was with a Club East Coast Retros, who have Practical Classics visiting a do on 4 July as they are travelling the country to find Britain's best Club.There was a brief piece about my Viva in last month's issue.This link awaiting other chums en route to the Aldenham Rally ... e=5DB57AAF

That aside someone nearby with a Trump Harold as I call tem, asked was I going could he follow me there(Shotley Suffolk)By the time we were nearly there the Viva was making awfull screeching noises, so rather to my chagrin having replaced the water pump,at first thought it was that.

Coming back the charge light was on but next morrning found belt broken and investigation revealed it was actually the Dynamo, shame as I had to take it out before as to finally getting a replacement starter motor(I got with some other bits off a member)

There were two events on but when my PA Cresta owning mate rang I said I would not do one then go on to other, as even if the car wasnt using water, I woud chance the nearest, however in the interim another Classic guy nearby stopped, Trouble? Yes I was on the point of doing a Alternator swap over but both ones I bought before the demise of my little Scimitar SS1 may well have been too high output.The guy used to have a sit up and beg Popular(and Willys Jeep) but now runs a split screen Moggie Minor Tourer. He said he had a brand new Dynamo, and if interested would take it to the Little Clacton show, so for 30 pounds and a swap over of end pulley etc that got fixed.
Then I noticed one engine mount was duff so got a pair off of Fleabay, but decided I would pay a local garage to fit them and as its well over a year since last MOT despite exemption that last time a rear wheel piston seized when they brake tested it on the rollers( Ironically an ASAP advisory on my Kangoo van was a badly corroded brake pipe, however they said the olive wouldnt screw into the existing piston , so had fitted a new one)
OK on the Viva a rear line split putting the brace of £16 pistons on and another garage guy made new copper ones for a tenner, a bit cheaper than the £113 I got charged for one on my van, but then what price safety.

Car passed MOT no advisories.