Centre Console. D.I.Y. ?

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Centre Console. D.I.Y. ?

Postby steve78hc » Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:07 am

Noticed a few mentions about consoles ,just finished this,so thought it might be of some interest..ImageImage..My Viva had a home made base when i got it,but was not wide enough and was falling apart.Made this from mdf,then painted it black.Still not sure if the plastic top parts are Vaux or not,but it does the job ( Or will do when i get the bloody back lights working).Been thinking of making a verticle console to go under dash/on tunnel to put CD player and a couple of small speakers in.Would save cutting up interior and could be made to hide/disguise any signs of stereo from unwanted attention! Downside is your limited on speaker size and performance.Although after having 4 stereo break in,s with other cars i do"nt want any with the Viva.
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Re: Centre Console. D.I.Y. ?

Postby midlands_nick » Fri Jun 03, 2011 6:31 pm

im using a computer speaker setup in mine...
4 tiny satellite speakers that I think I can hide.. (even in a HA !!) and a small compact sub unit, just got to pull it apart and see what the voltage is and work a way of powering it, should provide ample sound in a car.. and apart from the sub (which is in itself really small) you have the added advantage of it just having a jack input so plug mp3 player etc straight in !!!
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