MVB 645L Lizzy 1256 de-luxe progress

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Re: MVB 645L Lizzy 1256 de-luxe progress

Postby HONEY318 » Mon May 27, 2013 9:47 am

well, we went to our 1st show a couple of weeks ago, lots of older cars there, some not so rare, got booked into some more shows this week. there are some peole who look at her smile and carry on walking, but a few who say oh wow, i havent seen 1 of these in a while... 1 guy asked if he could sit in it.. so of course i said yes and his face lite up.
not many have seen a hc estate... but those that do talk love them.. i cant wait to get her totally re sprayed , but a few more bits to sort 1st.. its just nice getting out in it. and as my 4x4 has broken at the min its my daily run around.. loving the looks i get when we are out.. lol.
i think i should stick to the original colour when we do go for a new coat......
i must get some more pics up on here soon..... sorry to be so
did manage to get booked into a local "rare breeds show" . last year this had 650 cars in !!!
PLUS 1 this year .............
1256 2 door viva estate

( Lizzy )

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Re: MVB 645L Lizzy 1256 de-luxe progress

Postby hbpeter » Mon May 27, 2013 7:25 pm

Excellent, well done on saving this one. You will find that a lot, people talking to you in petrol stations, carparks etc. Its good fun when its your only running car and has to be used. I had the same experiance a few years ago when my Mondeo died and the GLS was pressed into service. Managed the 50 mile daily commute and all other duties with out missing a beat.

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