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Viva HA front suspension project

PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:51 pm
by Johan
After collecting a pile of axles I'd think it's time to start working! Plan is to convert my HA into front wheel disc brakes, and while I'm at it rebuild and upgrade the entire suspension. Plans include:

- Change steering knuckles to allow calipers to be mounted
- Upgrade to poly bushes
- Fit spax adjustable dampers
- Fit anti roll bar
- Powder coating

Started by disassembling two of the axles. Too bad the ball joint removing tool gave up so one of the steering knuckles are still attached to the A-arms.

One of these subframes will be used. The one closer to the camera looks less rusty but they will need to be inspected closer after some cleaning.

Lots of castor shims indicates something is distorted. :roll:

Something is definitly wrong here, more than the camera focus being on the ground!

What I do need before I proceed to have the parts sand blasted is a set of HA van suspension lower arms. From what I've been told some of theese came equipped with front anti roll bar. So if anyone has a set lying around, as well as the arb, I would be very happy to buy them! :D

If Mod believes this thread belongs in the modifications section, feel free to move it! :)

Re: Viva HA front suspension project

PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 9:30 pm
by bedfordbad
Hi johan,
I rebuilt an ha axle about 10yrs ago for a 1969 hae van and was so unhappy with polybushes i replaced them with genuine bedford rubber ones after about 6 months..... Could of course be better these days than the ones i bought....
I think most ha vans didnt have the anti roll bar fitted but i believe the 10cwt vans had them,
Mind you the suspension is very very hard on it!!!!
let me know if you are struggling for the lower arms and i will have a good luck for some!!

Re: Viva HA front suspension project

PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:45 pm
by Johan
Hi Steven

That pick up is really nice! Never even knew that there was pick ups :oops: To be honest I've never tried polybushes on a classic car. I believe my Saab has them on the rear but I'm not sure. But I have noticed that opinions about them vary greatly. Much as wether parabolic springs is a good upgrade on Land Rovers or not :wink: At least I know where to find polybushes, wich can not be said about the original metalastik ones.

Is it safe to assume that 10cwt vans also had a stiffer front spring? I'm not sure but I believe I've read somewhere about a spring with five leaves. I had collected four complete front suspensions. One had been partly buried and was put in the scarp metal pile while the other three has been more or less disassembled. I noticed that one of them had a two leaf spring while all the others, as well as the one on my car, has three leaves.

I figure I go for the antiroll bar while I'm at it. If I find the suspention too stiff it can always be removed, while adding it at a later stage would be quite a hassle.

Building the front suspention is only the first part. I am also planning on swapping the engine for a 1256 unit. I've managed to collect a few odd bits such as a Weber manifold and a wilder camshaft for that engine and together with a ported head and a tubular exhaust manifold I think it will be quite interesting in a HA. More power needs better brakes and handling!

I've posted an ad for the parts here on the forum, hopefully I will get some resluts. If not I would appretiate it greatly if your would keep an eye out. Cheers and good night!

Re: Viva HA front suspension project

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:52 pm
by Al3x
Hi! Nice with more Vauxhall projects from sweden ;) I dont know if you have seen my thread, but i rebuilt my Ha frontend last winter. Take a look there if you want, and ask questions if you are thinking of something!
Only reason for that i am writing in english is so other people may understand.. :)
I also changed the front brakes for Volvo 240 stuff, both calipers and discs.