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Re: Viva GT - resto thread - recap and restart

Postby WAYNECOLVILLE » Sun Feb 17, 2019 10:41 am


1 The epics had left hand drive.
2 Side indicators.
3 HC indicators lenses.
4 Reversing lamps vertical
5 Only came out in 1970.
6 Had a black bonnet.
7 Had headrests
8 Twin master cyclinders.
9 Had a extra bar below bumper that bolted back to the cross member. Safety maybe.
10 Gt badge on the front and rear. Viva Gt at on the side at the back above indicators.
11 SL interior
12 Plastic covers on the inside front pillars.
13 Twin headlights, some had bar and some had no bar.
14 No centre bar on tailights.

I have just sent mine away for panel beating and painting. Motor is done and rims have new paint job and tyres.
Upholstery is at the shop getting done. My car will be in Le Mans blue with a orange stripe as original. Its good as alot of new parts are available at Rare Spares. The Torana has the same parts as the Viva. Beacause originaly it was a viva. For everyones info They supply rust panels for the boot, floor and sills etc. All the rubbers for the doors and winscreens. They also have alot of hardware for this car.
Windscreens front and rear available new. Look up hb, lc, lj Torana parts.

Cheers Wayne
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