Chev Firenza Identification Plate

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Chev Firenza Identification Plate

Postby Hidalgo » Mon May 19, 2014 10:26 am

Hi Guys

I Have 3 Chev Firenza as they were Called here in South Africa. I want restore them but I struggle to find the Corect explanation for the Gm Identification plate (Port elizabeth Factory in South Africa).

Vin : 9E69CXS 671708 BCBV

Paint Code: 46
Trim Code: T14

If there anobody that can help me, i will appreciate it.

De Luxe Viva
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Re: Chev Firenza Identification Plate

Postby droopsnoot » Mon May 19, 2014 10:30 am

I can do some of it:

9 - Vauxhall Motors
E - Viva or Firenza - Super Luxury
69 - 4 door saloon
C - 1256cc low compression engine

It all goes a bit different from there. In the UK book, the next letter should be the build year, C=1973, D=1974, but you have an X. After that we have the factory - X=Ellesmere Port, Y=Luton.

I can't see the paint and trim codes - in the UK book the paint codes tend to be a single digit followed by two letters (for example 6RD or 6WH), and the trim codes tend to be a digit, then a letter, then another digit - 2X1, 1X3 and so on.

There's a more detailed explanation of the chassis plate codes here:
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