Opel Kadett B / Vauxhall Viva - 2800 - Germany

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Opel Kadett B / Vauxhall Viva - 2800 - Germany

Postby jan » Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:11 pm


I decided to sell this very outstanding car (or swap for a UK version of Opel Kadett B / Olympia A).

It is a RHD Kadett body with engine, gearbox etc. from a Vauxhall Viva HB or HC.

This is entirely original and was produced in South Africa.
The 1973 model has the front design of the USA model, similar to Olympia.

No welding was ever done to this car, but a little bit is due now (none of the serious stuff).
From my point of view, I would do a full restoration, but with moderate effort it
could get back on the road as well. I did not bring it into driving condition, but
depending on the price it could (replacing all liquids etc).

I collected already most spare parts. Rear brake cylinders, oil filter etc. are all identical with Viva
and should be easy to get in the UK.
Price for some new spare parts to be negotiated.

To my best knowledge there are only two of these cars in Europe - I imported both in 2008.
It took me a very long time to find original ones. Most were repaired in very creative ways
and the interior was dead.

Year: 1973
Milage: ca. 100K km
Location: North-West Germany
Price: 2800
Contact: jan at intevation.de

I am looking for a Kadett B or Olympia A RHD in the UK configuration (Opel engine).
If I find one, transport could be arranged efficiently. Occasionally I am in South England.
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Re: Opel Kadett B / Vauxhall Viva - 2800 - Germany

Postby rizzo » Sun Apr 23, 2017 8:37 pm

Oliver :D
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