HA sealed Beam Headlights

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HA sealed Beam Headlights

Postby Bob perry » Wed Mar 06, 2019 11:27 pm

I have a pair of Sealed Beam headlamps, plus bowls and wiring for sale if anyone can use them.

They are sealed beams as I say, and do not have the integral side lamp availability in them, as the later ones do.

I intended to fit them to my 1966 HA, but it would mean changing the orange indicators to twin filament side and indicator lamps, with a white lens.

I was informed by my MOT guy that it is illegal to show a white side/indicator on the front, after 1965, so technically I would be making the car an instant MOT failure.

Yes I know I don't HAVE to have an MOT, but I do for my own peace of mind.

I therefore decided to abandon the project and remain as it is with pre focus headlamps and orange indicators.

I also have the side/indicator twin filament lamps with white lens to match if needed, but I have listed these on e bay as well!

They are all in good condition and working, so I'm open to any sensible offers.

As I say, they will only be of use to earlier models!

p.m. me if you can use them.
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