Viva wheels.....

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Viva wheels.....

Postby 1972nail » Sat May 18, 2019 4:35 pm

This is not my post. I thought it would be better to place it here. Contact details are at the bottom of the post, please don't PM me!

Some time ago I bought a dIsc brake kit for a Hillman Imp. In period the factory used Viva Discs to fit onto an IMP. I'm try to build a Rally Replica and so needed the Disc kit to meet the Homologation Rules. However, it came with a set of 13" Steel wheels. I assumed these to go with the Disc Kit and fit on an imp. But it turned out that the centre hole is too small for the Imp Hub especially on the rear wheel. The problem is solved by using Minlite or similar alloy wheels. But this means I have a set of what I believe are Viva wheels with tyres. Details as follows:

- 5 wheels 4 with tyres

- Wheels are stamped 4.5 x 12 - 32 Also D>3A And 1 is stamped 1149 the others are 1155

- Tyres are 165-70-13 and dated stamped 1804. The tyres have done virtually zero road miles and only a small
amount driving round a muddy field (They were bought for use on Car Trials, but rarely used)
The Tyres are Dunlop SP30 and date stamped 1804. Which means 18th Week of 2004. So they are 15 years old.
I would advise against using these on the road, but they hold air and so would be OK for a static display car.

I live near York. I suggest a nominal price of £5 per wheel. If you are not interested in the tyres, I can have these removed which will save a lot on postage. A quick quote on parcel comparison site suggests that postage for 5 wheels is about £40.
Postage for 5 wheels & tyres would necessitate 2 parcels and cost about £100
I have relatives in the North Birmingham area and could drop them there. It that helps with collection.
Any queries contact Colin Valentine Tel 01904 738708
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Re: Viva wheels.....

Postby Bob perry » Sat May 18, 2019 8:15 pm

Wheels are 12 inch, tyres are 13 inch?? Something not right there!!
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