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Postby rizzo » Tue May 12, 2020 6:48 pm

Spurred on by James recent problems i thought i would recommend a company for headlinings, bought one for my 2dr HB in black vinyl, but anything is available including custom, £130 delivered from as dated.

http://www.customcoachtrimming.co.uk http://www.trimshop.co.uk hot rod and custom interiors ......ring 01386 834454 for a quote on any simple repair to full build custom interior or email me [email]chris@customcoachtrimming.co.uk

This list is currently what he is able to do

ford pop 103e
ford popular 100e
ford Anglia 105e
ford escort mk 1
ford fiesta mk 1 / 2
ford Cortina mk 3
1935 ford coupe
1937 ford coupe
VW golf mk1
VW scirocco mk 1
VW beetle
vauxhaul astra mk 1
vauxhaul viva
vauxhaul PA cresta velox
vauxhaul PC cresta
vauxhaul FD victor ventura
vauxhaul firenza
Hillman avenger
Hillman imp
wolseley 6/110
jag mk2
chevy 1950
chevy 1955
chevy 1957
buick 1958[/QUOTE]
If your interest in anything else, he does full interiors and can be followed on his rods and sods thread.
HB 1159 1968 10K White
HB 4000 1968 Green
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