Water Hose Connections.

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Water Hose Connections.

Postby hbpeter » Mon Apr 25, 2011 7:09 pm

Nicked from another forum, thanks Kat!

After measuring the Viva ones and finding them to be 3/8" NPT, an American pipe thread, I figured it might be easier to find something for an American engine.

A bit of research and I find: 1965 - 1969 Chrysler big block and 426 Hemi engines - Fittings consist of two 5/8" hose fittings, one is 3" and the other is 1-1/2" long. Thread is 3/8" NPT. Sounds good.

Pic shows the two types of Viva ones I've encountered with the nice shiny new Chrysler ones (you get both; although the Viva only needs one I don't see this as a problem as Viva ones seem impossible to find.) I haven't tried them yet but the threads match the old ones. Problem solved, methinks

I got them from Gotham City Muscle Cars on eBay.

Look for "64 65 66 67 68 69 426 HEMI & BB HEATER HOSE NIPPLE SET".

Ordered last Saturday, they arrived today (which is quicker than I've had some stuff from the UK.) Price ($15 with $6 P&P) seemed reasonable as I once lost a bidding war for a slightly less knackered original Viva one which went for over £20!
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Re: Water Hose Connections.

Postby Team Gridlock » Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:48 pm

A company called ARTEL RUBBER who sponsor our dragster do hoses and in a wide varietey of sizes and colours, ideal to bling up your engine.

Their website is http://www.artelmotorsport.co.uk and the contact name is Ollie Badger, tell them that the Gridlock Dragster Guys sent yoy
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