HB stolen

Has a Viva or other classic been stolen? Have you been a victim of crime? Let everyone know, we may find it and get back that much loved car! :missu:

HB stolen

Postby Pork Pie » Fri May 12, 2006 5:34 pm

Now here`s a good one. I`ve just had a HB (scrapper) Viva dropped off on my drive and over the last couple of days i`ve taken bits and bobs off it. Came home yesterday to find a clear drive way. Asked her who must be worshiped where has the Viva gone and she too is none the wiser. Rang my scrap collector and got the same reply. So rang the local police (dont know why) and i may of found the answer. Local gippo`s have been going round collecting scrap cars and metal without telling the owners, as scrap metal is fetching good money. So i rang my local weighing in centre and they comfirmed that it had been brought in. So watch out if your resto is still sitting on your drive after spending many hours of love welding it up with a cover over it as that too could go missing. In my case they did me a good turn, as i would of had to of paid just to get the shell removed.
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Pork Pie

Stolen OB

Postby old viva man » Mon Sep 25, 2006 9:16 pm

I am lucky that cast iron scrap is worth more than pressed steel scrap.
Last weekend, while I was away, some thieving persons took an Old Bath from the front of my house (I'm refurbishing the bathroom) and left my HC standing on the drive. I later discovered that some "travellers" had been seen in the local park. Can some mathematician calculate the odds on it being the same group?
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