Valve Springs

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Valve Springs

Postby Viva Man » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:20 am

Hello Everyone,

I have been having a problem with my Viva HC 1256 for some time, tried to resolve it myself but may have made it worse. Anyway last week i give up and called in a specialist classic tuner. My engine has been running rough for some time.
Replaced =
Distributor Cap
Rotor arm
Rebuilt the carb
reset the valves
Cylinder pressure was is ok.

The specialist was convinced it was the carb uneven so bought a new carb, and it runs a lot better, no splutter or holding back on acceleration. But there is still a rocking on the engine when at tick over. It was observed it could be weak valve springs. I checked these and i can slightly twist/move when valves are closed. I assumed all springs would be tight.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this, maybe worn springs or damaged valves?

Viva Man
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