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Re: Smurf - 1256 to 305

Postby viva les vegas » Sun Feb 02, 2020 7:39 pm

Hey guys and gals. I haven't dropped off the planet ;) There has been a very slight change in plans. I'm trying to find a garage/workshop where I can play properly because the one I had been sharing, and had an agreement with the people I was sharing with to use it once one car was finished, is no longer available.

I still have my Smurf, and have no plans on getting rid of her. The slight change has been to use even more modern running gear. If you have me on faceache, you may have seen, a while ago, that I just listed a whole load of codes. I still have the 305 V8, but I have never been able to get it to run, or even produce a spark, and the transmissions I have are of unknown condition internally. In late 2015 I bought a Chevy Blazer that has a 4.3 V6. For the few that don't know, these are basically a SBC V8 with two cylinders lopped off. I had clearance issues when I tried to fit the 305, and I've not done any bulkhead modifications, nor do I want to, if I can avoid it. I like the way the 4.3 goes, and the way the 4l60e trans works so much, that I bought a second one. I had to repair the top end, and it had been off the road for several years, but I got it through the MOT without too much difficulty.

I want to use the 4.3, backed by the 4 speed overdrive auto, and have been thinking about basically swapping the whole driveline into the Viva's shell. Those wheels I posted pic links to a while back turned out to be from Blazers. I have also been playing with the headlights. Unsuccessfully, I have been trying to find a safe way to get the twin HID idea to work. I have tried to make a new fiberglass bucket for them to mount to, and have also tried 6mm perspex, as I have some laying around. Right this minute, I am now thinking that a new clear lens with a single 3" HID would be the best solution, just not as pretty. The perspex flexes too much, and the fiberglass, well, it was a mess and just didn't want to play ball.
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Re: Smurf - 1256 to 305

Postby GTpete » Mon Aug 17, 2020 6:44 pm

Photos of 'factory' V8 Firenza. May be of help to anyone thinking of carrying out a Chevy V8 engine conversion. Personally I would stick to a 5.7 as there are more parts available for rebuilds....All small block Chevy's have similar external block dimensions from 4.4 to 6.6 litres...If you need a 5 speed gearbox, an Opel
Monza box has the correct GM spline, just need to mount on a Chevy bellhousing. BMWs and Jags have similar gearboxes but with metric spline... ... C04240.jpg ... &crop=fill ... C04195.jpg?
width=450&height=278&fit=bounds&crop=fill ... rdrive.jpg ... &crop=fill ... &crop=fill ... &crop=fill
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