Member of the

Vauxhall Bedford Opel Association


Who are we?

The Vauxhall Viva Owners Club, here to promote, maintain and continue the survival of the Vauxhall Viva, old or new, standard or custom, mint or poor, all are welcome.

The Vauxhall Viva Owners Clubs shall hereinafter be referred to as the VVOC

The VVOC is at the time of writing a member of the VBOA and shall abide by its rules.

Key Objectives

To promote the use and preservation of the Vauxhall Viva and its variants.

To encourage contact between members of the club through organised events.

To organise and attend events at which members can actively participate.

To provide technical assistance to members and provide help in sourcing spare parts and cars.

Membership and Fees

Membership to the VVOC is subject to an annual subscription. Ownership of a Vauxhall Viva is not a precondition required by the club for membership.

Membership to the VVOC is a privilege and not a right. Membership and renewal are not guaranteed

The VVOC is a non profit seeking organisation. Subscription funds held in the club accounts are used to defray expenses and costs incurred during the clubs normal activities.


The club shall be covered by a public liability insurance policy for the sum of not less than £2 Million.

Member’s vehicles which are entered for events which involve driving either on the public road or on private land should be insured with at least 3rd party cover.

AGM Meeting and Appointment of Club Officers

The VVOC shall hold an AGM once yearly at which club business and officer nominations and voting will take place.

The date and venue of VVOC AGM will be advertised in good time to the entire club membership who should be encouraged to participate in the proceedings. The arranging and publisising of the AGM will be the responsibility of the Chairman.

All delegates to the AGM should be fully paid up members of the club.

A note taker for the minutes will be appointed.

Reports from the current committee shall be heard.

The Chairman will then formally resign the current committee and all club officers’ positions become vacant.

Club Officers for which nominations can be received are:

Club Chairman
General Secretary
Club Treasurer
Membership Secretary
Magazine Editor
Regalia Rep.

Other club officer positions which are non-committee posts and co-opted positions are:

Area Representative
Club Steward/Archivist

Any received written nominations will be heard for each post as it is raised. Further nominations will be invited from the floor. All nominees must be voluntary and aware of the implications of being elected. Nominations for the Club Chairman position will be the last to be heard and voted on.

The current Chair will continue to sit until his post is voted on.

Past club officers and delegates may be nominated or may nominate themselves for any one or more of the open committee posts.

Club officers are appointed on a voluntary basis, but their ability to carry out the duties of the post must first be determined by the AGM delegates.

Election votes for each nomination will be decided on by a simple show of hands by fully paid up members of the club only. The principal of one member one vote will remain paramount to all election and proposal voting.

The Club Chairman’s nomination and election vote will take place, and the outgoing Chair will invite the new Chair to continue the AGM proceedings. The new Chair may decline, but will be expected to take up the duties of the Chair immediately after the AGM. Should the existing Chair be re-elected, they will continue with the AGM proceedings.

A formal call for any other business will be made by the Chair or by the General Secretary.

The Chair presiding will give thanks, and formally close the AGM meeting.

Arrangements made by the outgoing committee for delegates for immediately after the AGM will be honoured by the incoming committee. Arrangements for events thereafter will be honoured at the discretion of the new committee.

From time to time, dependant on club administrational requirements, Club Officers may be co-opted onto the VVOC committee to fill vacant posts subject to a majority vote of the committee. The appointee must be deemed capable of carrying out the tasks of the post. The appointment must be adequately publisised in the VVOC magazine for the entire membership to recognize.

Committee Meetings

The committee shall hold meetings as frequently as is felt required to ensure the smooth running of the club, but no less than 4 meeting per year.

Special General Meetings

May be convened by the committee or on receipt of a written request from not less than 15 fully paid up members of the club.

The Special General Meeting should be advertised to all members at least 28 days in advance.

The meeting will only consider the business raised by the written request.

A quorum for the meeting shall be 15 full members and 3 Club Officers.


If in the opinion of the committee a member has behaved contrary to the interests of the club, or injurious to its reputation, it may ask the member for an apology in writing.

The apology must be received no more than 28 days from receipt of the request.

If the member’s apology is not forthcoming, the committee may summarily suspend the member with forfeiture of benefits and subscription.

The committee will then advise the member of a committee meeting to be convened no less than 28 days thereafter, and be invited to attend.

At the meeting, the member will be told of the reason for their suspension.

The member will be given the opportunity to address the meeting.

The Committee will then make its decision based on the merits of the issue.

The committee may decide to either Expel the member from the club, or not.

Should the member fail to attend the convened committee meeting, a decision will be made in their absence.

In the case of expulsion, the member may make a written appeal to be received by the committee not less than 28 days after the decision.

The Committee will then meet again no later than 28 days after receipt of the appeal, and discuss the appeal in private.

The clubs decision to reinstate or uphold the expulsion is final.

No reason for the decision made at the appeal meeting will be given.

Alterations to the Constitution

Proposed alterations to the club constitution may only be considered at the AGM.

The proposed alteration should be submitted to the club committee in writing no less than 14 days prior to the AGM so that the proposition may be added to the meeting Agenda.

Only fully paid up members of the Club may propose alterations to the club constitution.

The alteration will be formally read out to the floor, and a full discussion on the ramifications of the change shall be discussed.

A vote will then take place,

If the alteration is supported by the majority, it will then be formally adopted and the constitution changed.

Abstentions from the vote will be recorded but shall not count as votes in either direction.


A resolution calling for the Dissolution of the club can only be called at an AGM.

Those calling for the Dissolution shall be asked to address the meeting with the reasons for the resolution.

A vote will then take place. A simple majority for or against the resolution wins.

Should the vote be for Dissolution, the committee will convene a meeting at a later date to discuss the vote, and the fairest means by which to discharge the clubs debts and liabilities, and any residue.

The results of this meeting shall be publisised to the membership by what ever means deemed appropriate.

These rules and constitution stand as a guide to the conduct and general course of formal proceedings for the committee, members, and honorary members of the Vauxhall Viva Owners Club.