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The Vauxhall Viva Owners Club, here to promote, maintain and continue the survival of the Vauxhall Viva, old or new, standard or custom, mint or poor, all are welcome.

HB model overview:
HB trim options:
HB chassis code:
HB general option codes:

Model identification from August 1966 to July 1967 was by means of an identification plate attached to the left hand rear of the engine compartment. On this plate are recorded the model, chassis number and paint and trim code numbers, also any regular production option code built on the vehicle.

From August 1967 identification is by means of the Vehicle Identification Number Plate (‘VIN’ plate) which was attached to the left hand front door pillar. Since early 1969 the plate has been fitted to the instrument panel.

From early 1969 a Service Parts Identification Plate (SPI plate) has been fitted to the RH front wheelhouse panel. This plate is used in addition to the ‘VIN’ plate and indicates paint and trim codes and Production Option codes incorporated in the vehicle.

Viva HB (early)

The first of the HB cars continued with this chassis number system:

HBS = HA Standard saloon 2 door HBD = HB Deluxe saloon 2 door
HBH = HB Super Luxury (SL) saloon 2 door HBW = HB Deluxe estate
HBG = HB Super Luxury estate.

There were no 4 door saloons, 1600 ohc, or Viva GTs at this time. Example: HBH 235147 is an early, pre ’67 HB SL.

l967 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is’ Introduced

In August 1967, vehicle identification by VIN number was introduced by Government. An example is given below:


The first five number characters identify the model, the sixth digit represents the year that the vehicle was made (not registered — a car made in late 1968 could be registered in 1969 for example). The seventh is the plant identification — that is the factory where made. The number above can be identified as a VAUXHALL VIVA SL 2 DOOR, made in 1968 at Ellesmere Port, its chassis number is 100101.

This can be explained thus:

1st Digit 9 = VAUXHALL (ALL Vauxhall cars start with a 9)

2nd Digit 3 = VIVA HB/HC (if HA van = 2, PC Cresta = 8, Victor FC/FD = 4 etc.)

3rd Digit 5 = SL (or 3 = Deluxe, 7 = Viva Gt,1= Standard, 3 = van)

4th/5th Digit 11 = 2 door (or 69 = 4 door, 15 = estate, 70 = HA van)

6th Digit 8 =YEAR letter (8=1968,9=1969,0=1970,1=1971, 2 = 1972, C = 1973,
D = 1974, E = 1975 etc.)

7th Digit E = Factory where made E = Ellesmore Port, V = Luton.

Other points to note:

ALL Viva GTs and HB Estates were 2 door, hence ’11’ in their chassis number.

ALL HB Estates, HB 1600 ohc and Viva GT (Mk 1) were made at Luton, hence ‘V’ in their chassis number.

ALL other Viva HBs were made at Ellesmere Port using ‘E’ in their chassis number. Viva GTs (Mk 2) were made in 1970 at Ellesmere Port instead of Luton, hence ‘OE’.

After 1973, factory codes were changed to: ‘Y’ = Luton, ‘X’ = Ellesmere Port.

Model Year Chassis Range Manufactured at
1967 (Old designation) 7501001-7799999 Ellesmere Port
7155770-7299999 Luton
1967 (New designation) 7E100001-7E143377 Ellesmere Port
7V100001-71/118772 Luton
1968 8E143378-9E225000 Ellesmere Port
1969 9E225001-0E339002 Ellesmere Port
9V181772-0V252006 Luton
1970 0E339003-0E423405 Ellesmere Port
0V252007-0V291942 Luton