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The Vauxhall Viva Owners Club, here to promote, maintain and continue the survival of the Vauxhall Viva, old or new, standard or custom, mint or poor, all are welcome.

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1967 Trim
1968 Trim
1969 Trim
1970 Trim

Model Identification Plate

  • Early Models: Model identification from August 1966 to July 1967 was by means of an identification plate attached the left-hand rear of the engine compartment, under the bonnet. On the plate is also recorded the model, left or right drive, and paint and trim code numbers. The code numbers of any regular production option items are shown on that plate.

Vehicle Identification Plate

  • Late Models: From August 1967 identification is by means of the Vehicle Identification Number Plate (“VIN” plate) which was attached to the left-hand front door pillar. Since early 1969 the plate has been fitted to the instrument panel,@the left-hand side, and can be read through the windshield glass. This plate is stamped with the model and chassis number. An example of the “VIN” plate is illustrated below:-


This can be identified as a Vauxhall Viva, four cylinder engine, super luxury model, two door saloon, built in 1968 production year,@Ellesmere Port, its chassis number is 100001.The first five numeric characters on the “VIN” plate identify the model, the sixth digit represents the model year and the seventh is the plant identification. The remaining six characters represent the actual chassis number.

Service Parts Identification Plate

  • From early 1969 a Service Parts Identification Plate (SPI plate) has
    been fitted to the right-hand front wheel house panel, under the bonnet.
    This plate is used in addition to the “VIN” plate and indicates paint, trim codes and Option codes on the vehicle.
93515 DOM 129342 1BL 1X3
230 248 314 346 352 400
430 546 625
Model Designations

HBS 93111 Viva Standard Saloon 2-door (1159cc std)
? 93111 code 460 Viva 90 De-Luxe Saloon 2-door (1159cc high)
HBD 93311 Viva De-Luxe Saloon 2-door (1159cc std)
? 93311 code 474 Viva 1600 De-Luxe Saloon 2-door (1600cc OHC)
HBW 93315 Viva De-Luxe Estate Car 2-door (1159cc std)
? 93315 code 460 Viva 90 De-Luxe Estate Car 2-door (1159cc high)
? 93315 code 474 Viva 1600 De-Luxe Estate Car 2-door (1600cc OHC)
93369 Viva De-Luxe Saloon 4-door (1159cc std)
? 93369 code 460 Viva 90 De-Luxe Saloon 4-door (1159cc high)
? 93369 code 474 Viva 1600 De-Luxe Saloon 4-door (1600cc OHC)
HBH 93511 Viva Super Luxury Saloon 2-door (1159cc std)
? 93511 code 460 Viva 90 Super Luxury Saloon 2-door (1159cc high)
? 93511 code 474 Viva 1600 Super Luxury Saloon 2-door (1600cc OHC)
HBG 93515 Viva Super Luxury Estate Car 2-door (1159cc std)
? 93515 code 460 Viva 90 Super Luxury Estate Car 2-door (1159cc high)
? 93515 code 474 Viva 1600 Super Luxury Estate Car 2-door (1600cc OHC)
93569 Viva Super Luxury Saloon 4-door (1159cc std)
? 93569 code 460 Viva 90 Super Luxury Saloon 4-door (1159cc high)
? 93569 code 474 Viva 1600 Super Luxury Saloon 4-door (1600cc OHC)
93711 Viva GT Saloon 2-door (2000cc OHC)

Engine Numbers

  • The engine number is stamped on a pad on the right-hand side of the
    cylinder block. The number is prefixed “22 HB” on the standard engine and
    “23 HB” on the high performance engine.


  • The engine number on the 97,5 engine is stamped on a pad@the
    rear of the cylinder block face, adjacent to the clutch housing.
  • A code letter “H” or “L” stamped on the 97,5 engine cylinder
    block, adjusted to the distributor, identifies high and low compression
    rations respectively.


  • The model designation featured on the “VIN” plate is based on the
    Passenger Vehicle Master Chart, which appears later in this foreword:

    • 1st digit This identifies Vauxhall Motors as a manufacturing
      plant and will be constant on all passenger models.
    • 2nd digit This identifies the particular range, a different
      character will be used for each range of passenger and light van models.
    • 3rd digit This identify the engine and vehicle flavor. A
      variety of characters will be used and as an example below are those
      applicable to series “HB/93000”

      1 Standard (HBS) with 4 cyl. 70,7 engine
      3 De-Luxe (HBD/W) with 4 cyl. 70,7 engine
      5 Super Luxury (HBH/G) with 4 cyl. 70,7 engine
      7 Special (GT) with 4 cyl. 120,5 engine
      0 All with 4 cyl. 97,5 engine

      The model indications in brackets f.e. HRS/HBD/W etc. indicate the
      equivalent model indication in the old type designation. In the case of
      Viva 90, the fitting of the High Performance engine is covered by
      Production Option Code 460.

    • 4th and 5th digit These together identify the Body style, and
      are as follows:-

      11 2 door saloon
      15 2 door estate car
      69 4 door saloon
      00 all